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AIDS prevention work plan

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Health Check、Medical Consulting、AIDS prevention


[AIDS prevention work plan][Current hygiene and medical conditions] [Disease Control Plan] [Free Clinic]



  1. Using the resources of Public Health Bureau and private institutions or groups, we promote the prevention of AIDS in terms of its content and personnel so that inmates could understand the interrelation of drugs, sex, and AIDS. Also, the relevant regulations will be also introduced to the inmates.
  2. Helping high-risk drug inmates to know more about AIDS prevention, blood checks and relevant health education; thus, the spread of AIDS could be brought under control; the public could be protected and the social cost could be reduced.
  3. Giving the right attitudes to AIDS, correcting wrong understandings of AIDS, we make our inmates understand the test of AIDS virus, medical treatment, prevention, and its pathogenesis via multimedia teaching.
  4. Conducting a health education course related to safe and unsafe sex, we plan to enhance the prevention of infectious sexual diseases and AIDS. The female inmates should know the truth of AIDS and develop the right attitudes: to care about their next generation and have AIDS inspection before marriage. Thus they won’t give a birth of babies afflicted with AIDS.
  5. Assisting the public health authorities to find out potentially infected inmates, we carry out a blood inspection of new inmates and an annual HIV test. There will be a report on the AIDS patients and infected inmates that will leave no loophole in the task of AIDS prevention.
  6. Working with hospitals and clinics, we offer a free service to help 'AIDS' inmates with no environment of discrimination towards them. They could result in better treatment.
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