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Categories and objects of admission

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  • Last updated:2023-11-23
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The categories and objects of admission

  1. Regular prison inmates: Inmates sentenced to life imprisonment, imprisonment, and detention.
  2. Rehabilitation penalty inmates: People who violated the Drug Prevention and Control Act and are receiving rehabilitation (detoxification) treatment.
  3. Inmates in the out-of-prison labor branch: Women inmates comply with the Statute of the Open Prisons and Regulations Governing Inmate Selection for Open Prison.
  4. We also admit defendants under detention, educational disciplines of rehabilitation penalty, juvenile inmates, detained juveniles and juvenile educational disciplines of rehabilitation penalty.

Inmates’ meal

  1. The source of funding:
    1. The budget designated by the government for each person is NT$60 per day.
    2. The food and beverage grants from the operating funds.
  2.  The inmates’ daily menu (the menu announced in the reception room)

    Food for inmates
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