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Rehabilitation Mode

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Rehailitation Mode、Learning Rehabilitation Mode of Respect、Self-determination and Participation

[Rehabilitation Mode] [ Learning Rehabilitation Mode of Respect, Self-determination and Participation


Rehabilitation Mode

  1. Rehabilitation Institution is set up as per Article 28 of Drug Prevention and Control Act and is to detain those inmates that have used drugs in degree 1 and 2 and that have been sentenced enforcement of rehabilitation, which is in accordance with Statute of Rehabilitation Penalty.
  2. Description of Localized Drug Rehabilitation Program: Rehabilitation treatment is divided into three periods: Adaptation, Psychological Guidance, and Social Adaptation that are implemented in sequence and they are assessed according to the effects. The rehabilitation treatment is at least six months.
    1. First Period: 4 weeks of Adaptation Period, in which the main assessment items are life regularity and physical performance. Therefore, in this period, local martial art of Chi is included. If properly exercised, circulation will be fine, nerve system will be active, physical and mental health resume, emotional condition will go up, and the equilibrium between body and mind can be reached so the physical capability and mental perseverance of inmates can be strengthened.
    2. Second Period: Total 12 weeks of Psychological Period, in which the main assessment items are life regularity and guidance program. During this period, different group therapy is arranged for different requirement, so that inmates can attend case by case.
    3. Third Period: Total 8 weeks of Social Adaptation Period, in which the main assessment items are life regularity and social adaptation program. Therefore, in this period, religious drug abstention and family education programs are used for rehabilitation. Religion belief is useful to help inmates to get rid of addiction, and those who have troubles with families are arranged to take part in family education so that the family relationship can be mended.
    4. Finally, during Discharge Period (waiting period to be discharged), religion rehabilitation is still going on for the inmates.
    5. Before every period comes to an end, clinic psychiatrist will perform relevant psychological assessment for inmates of each period, focusing on the elevation of maturity in personality, expected pharmaceutical medication, pressure adjustment, and life adaptation. Assessment in scale will be made to decide whether the inmates are suitable to enter next period.
    6. Once inmates released from the Institute, social workers will continue follow-up guidance.
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